Cracow S Hot June Festivals

There is a quite interesting list of things to do, see and live while you're there. In June there are some interesting events that can be worth a visit to the city of Krakow (Cracow). The Jewish population of Poland was cruelly squashed by the holocaust, however Jewish culture is still rich and flourishing. The Jewish Culture Festival proves it. Every year the Kazimierz district of Krakow, destroyed in World War II, holds an internationally-famous Jewish Culture Festival.

The event first took place in 1988 and today it's arrived to its 18th edition. Each June for more than a week, all kinds of events, from synagogue singing to klezmer music and Hasidic, classical, and Jewish folk music, take place in the Jewish district. The music is the core of the festival, but besides music there are also film screenings, exhibitions, presentations and story telling about a Jewish theme. The visitors can make an experience of Jewish traditional dances, songs, cooking, theatre and even paper-cutting and calligraphy. All initiative are opened and free for everyone. For more information about the Festival visit : A couple of weeks later, Krakow celebrates another Festival.

The Wianki - Floating of the Wreaths Festival. The beginning date is 24 June, 2008. The festival traces its roots to a peaceful pagan ritual. Whianki literally means 'wreaths' and it is a traditional midsummer celebration that remembers St John. Polish girls wear wreaths of flowers with a lighted candle in the centre and then throw them into the Vistula River.

This ritual is for predicting when they would be married. If the wreath comes back to shore, the girl will never marry, if it sinks, she will die young and if it flows down the river, she will be married and be happy. By the 19th century this tradition had become a festive event, and it continues today. Apart from the official floating of wreaths, there are musical performances, dignitaries' speeches, fairs and fireworks by the river bank opposite the imposing Royal Wawel Castle. Poland's top pop stars are now joined by international acts to complete a day of celebration. More info at :

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