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Good Things To Know About Singapore

Singapore is the perfect destination for tourists in search of relaxation, peace and quiet. The diamond-shaped island of Singapore is a magnificent oasis of exotic vegetation, consisting of various magnificent species of plants. The beauty of the botanical gardens and parks found in Singapore is renown all over the world. One of the most treasured Singapore places of interest is the National Orchid Garden, which contains an impressive collection of more than 3000 species of orchids, some of them growing only on this particular island.

Situated in the South-eastern region of the Asian continent, Singapore is a very important center for trade and tourism. Singapore communicates with Malaysia through a set of bridges, while the access to the neighboring islands of the Indonesian archipelago is facilitated by the presence of many ferry ports along the coastal regions, ferry boats providing a quick means of transportation by sea. A major center for tourism, Singapore also has an extended and modern network of airlines, facilitating the tourists' access on the island by air.

The vast, beautiful beaches found on the island are a major Singapore attraction. The tropical climate of Singapore renders the island the best destination for people in search for a memorable vacation by the beach. The beaches of Singapore are packed with tourists over the entire duration of the year, as the island preserves its warm climate regardless of season. The only impediment for tourists who enjoy sunbathing and swimming is tropical rain, which wets the surface of the island in brief, sporadic showers. However, the good news is that rain predominantly falls in autumn and winter, more rarely showering the island of Singapore during spring and summer.

A very famous Singapore place of interest is the world's first open zoo, which shelters a wide range of species characteristic to various geographical regions. The zoological garden found in Singapore is a major attraction for tourists, allowing visitors to closely observe the various animal species sheltered by the island. Unlike conventional zoos, the zoological garden in Singapore doesn't confine animals inside cages. The simulated environments and landscapes themselves separate the species that grow here, while additional man-made barriers prevent visitors from getting too near from the animals.

Apart from these common attractions, the ancient cultural and religious monuments found on the island are also major reasons for you to visit Singapore. Additional Singapore places of interest such as Thian Hock Keng temple, the shrines built in honour of Ma Po Cho - the Mother of the Heavenly Sages and the abundance of other religious monuments and statues render the island of Singapore an appropriate destination for tourists in search for mystical places.

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