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Budapest Sziget Festival

More precisely it takes place in Obuda Island, a little island on the Danube river, in the heart of City. In fact Sziget means Island. Started as a Student Festival in 1993, in a few years the Sziget Festival of Budapest has turned to be a very popular international event! To be more accurate, the Sziget Festival is not just a monothematic event but it generally gathers many festivals in one.

In fact, there are something like one thousand performances during the week that goes from 12th to 18th of August. The hottest Summer week in most Countries in Europe. This unique Sziget Festival gives the possibility to all music lovers to enjoy literally all music genres from Rock to Jazz, from Blues to Reggae, Ska and Folk. It's called Festival but it is way more than this.

In fact, beside music people can enjoy loads of other performances and venues from theatre, dance, classical music, cabaret, films, fine arts and hand-crafts, literary presentations, programs for kids, sports and other free time activities. Just to say is not a simple city Festival you can find anywhere else, you have to know that the Iron Maiden will open it on the 'zero day' night. And other big bands will perform like REM, Sex Pistols and many other international artists! So, want to get fun and music? Find yourself with a nice cool drink at the Sziget Festival dancing, playing, or simply bumping on a party.

The festival will be 5+1 days long this year as to allow citizens to sleep properly during that crazy week!

Last but not least, if you are thrilled to be in Budapest on those days, keep in mind that the city can be overbooked quite soon and it's a good thing to book in advance. Nevertheless, there are plenty of accommodation options in Budapest for different budgets! International travellers, independent backpackers or families can find an easy accommodation in the heart of the city for less than you can expect! Depending on how you wish to live the city of Budapest, you can choose to stay in a private apartment, in a family run hotel or guest house or in youth hostels.

Concerning Budapest apartments, the city is lately offering upper standards of comforts, services and atmosphere. In fact, apartments are usually very well refurbished and coloured on an Ikea style, so to say. You can expect to pay something like 10-30 euros per night per person.

It's more or less what you would spend in a youth hostel. Some good apartments are located right in Budapest historical centre: check by yourself Anna Center apartment, Apartment St, Michael, Navigare Apartments, Akademia Apartments, Arcadia Apartments, Gabriella and Elizabeth Apartments, Budapestin flat, Aida Apartment. In terms of hostels or youth hostels, Budapest has a lot to offer too with value services and rate.

Some of the best located and beloved hostels in Budapest are Moha Hostel, Goat Hostel, Grand Hostel of Budapest, Domino Hostel, Marco Polo Hostel,, Mellow Mood Central Hostel, Karat Hostel and guest house, Riverside Youth hostel. 1st ( first) hostel starting from 12 euros per person per night in a dormitory style room.

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