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Carpool To Save Money Save The Environment And Reduce Traffic

Are you tired of traffic jams, increasing air pollution and ever increasing fuel prices? Do you want to do something about all this?

Now you can by forming a carpool. Carpools are an excellent alternative to public transport and private commuting. While there have been carpool sites in developed countries, the awareness about carpools in developing countries such as India is very low. To counter this Indimoto has launched Indimoto.com an auto classifieds site which is also India's first carpool matching site. A carpool or rideshare is an arrangement wherein people share their vehicles with other carpoolers and commute together. "The objective behind Indimoto.com was to build an auto classifieds site where users can buy and sell cars and bikes, auto products and services, search for auto events, auto clubs and carpools. Our carpool matching service is the first of its kind in India and through it we wish to enable commuters to easily form carpools and enjoy its benefits while contributing to saving the environment" says Udit Bhandari, founder and CEO Indimoto.com.

According to Udit "Carpools make lot of sense because you save money by sharing fuel costs, vehicle maintenance cost and parking fee, you save the environment by saving fuel and reducing harmful exhaust gases while reducing traffic congestion. By carpooling you also expand your network of friends/contacts". Indimoto.com allows users to search carpool offers and requests in his/her city, and also start ones own carpool by posting a free ad in the carpool section.

"With growing air pollution levels in our metro cities, manic traffic jams and increasing burden of fuel prices on commuter's wallets, there are only two alternatives, public transport or carpools. Public transport infrastructure is not yet a comfortable and logical alternative to private transport for many urban commuters and that's where carpools come in. Also carpools generate a sense of community and caring for your environment" says Udit. Carpools are a common phenomenon in the developed world often supported by city and state government for the many advantages they offer. Indimoto.com has taken the initiative in India wants to make it a habit amongst Indian commuters.

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