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Choose The Right Hotel In Dubai

An increasingly important number of visitors are traveling to Dubai each year,

on business trips, to attend trade shows and conventions, or for leasure.

In the last nine months of 2007, the number of guests staying in hotels in Dubai rose 7 percent to 5.1 million while hotel occupancy rates rose 4.1 percent to reach 86.9 percent.

In terms of Hotels, Dubai offers a wide array of choices. However the hotel

chain brand names, ratings and facilities differ dramatically from the European

or the US market. Also the ethnical and cultural variety of Dubai, its geographical

spread and its problematic traffic system, make it easy for you to make the WRONG choice

There are a ton of websites that offer online hotel room booking for Dubai. But all these websites don't offer more than the "official blabla" description of the hotel

Is is a good hotel for business ? What if I'm attending a trade show ? Do they have working girls in the lobby (Could be a very bad idea if you're traveling with children) ? Is their cuisine striclty asian ?

A group of business travelers united to launch the first "honest" Dubai hotel reviews community at PracticalDubai dot com Dubai hotel reviews.

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