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Dumaguete The Capital Of Negros Oriental In The Philippines

The city called Dumaguete in the Philippines is named after the word "daggit" which is from a local dialect of Visaya which means "to snatch" or "to swoop". Dumaguete City was named as such for the pirates that had always been active in the coastal city, Dumaguete long time ago. Historically rich in culture from many years ago, the city of Dumaguete has beautiful heritage sites to offer.

The tiny city Dumaguete has always been on the Philippine map; it is a coastal city situated in Negros Oriental. Contrast to the size of Dumaguete City, it offers greatly awesome things for you to discover. The beauty in the panoramic view of Dumaguete City will inspire the old traditional wonder of the place with the reconciliation of the modern amenities it can provide its guests. Being a peaceful bay area, people are warm which earned Dumaguete City the title, City of Gentle People.

The city of Dumaguete has finally ended its silence. The beauty of Dumaguete City has caused the influx of tourists. Many people heard of the city's name for the reknown beautiful outdoor adventure experience it has offered its visitors.

Presently, industrial technology is continuously developing in Dumaguete City since it is also known as the "Center of Learning in the South" or as the "University Town".

Dumaguete City's most tempting quality is the adventure outdoor that can lasts your whole life. Paradise in its own simple luxuries are offered in Dumaguete City through the shiny crystals of white sands surrounding the beaches.

Finding the place called Dumaguete is synonymous to finding a place of haven. Imagine the modern amenities within the city with historical beauty and wonders all rolled into a little corner in the Philippine Islands. You can always find a diving site, a vacation home that can assure to make you feel at home. Getting from other famous places from Dumaguete to other neighboring areas famous for tourism in the Philippines is another convenience of the city's location as well.

Visit the city named Dumaguete in the Philippines and plunge into the lure of different gifts of nature in the small coastal city. Experience the breath-taking relaxation of the soul, mind and body. Find the perfect nature's beauty in Dumaguete City; beauty at its purest form. Discover the relaxation and splurge into the magic of the place.

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