Filing A Complaint About Your Airline

Sometimes, things beyond our control happen to ruin what could otherwise have been a pleasant and memorable airline experience. It could be poor service, bad food, a mishandled luggage, or any other problem.

In such cases, it is always best to resolve these issues on the spot with the airline's customer service agents as calmly and with as much courtesy as possible. The ticket you hold is a contract of service between you and the airline. It covers your rights, and in turn informs you, the passenger, of the airline's guidelines.

However, it is understandable that sometimes, complaints cannot be dealt with on the spot. In that case, here are the pointers of making an effective complaint letter to the airline's customer service office at their headquarters.

Take notes of the details at the time the incident occurs. Remember to write down the names of the airline employees who have attended you on your complaint.

Keep all your travel documents such as ticket receipts, boarding passes, baggage check stubs, and receipts for out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of the complaint. Make copies of these and attach them as supporting documents to your complaint.

As much as possible, send a typed and signed letter. Make it brief and limit it to one page in length. Remember to include your contact details on the letter.

Keep your tone businesslike and stay focused on the matter at hand. Do not exaggerate, do not beat around the bush, and do not veer to other subjects unrelated to your complaint.

Describe what happened and give details such as dates, names of involved parties and flight numbers. Take note of the employees involved who were rude and made the situation worse, as well as those who were particularly helpful to you.

State clearly what you want the carrier to do regarding your complaint. Inform them if you have suffered any special inconvenience or monetary losses, as well as your estimate of these losses. Do not hesitate to demand for a monetary settlement or some other compensation or a letter of apology, but do make your demands reasonable.

A letter of complaint, if done properly, can make the airline take you seriously. It could also make them implement measures that would prevent the same thing from happening to other people, therefore improving the service they give to their clients.

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