Get Masked For Your Special Venice Carnival

For those of you who don't know what to expect from it, be ready for the unexpected. Hopefully you will be enchanted by a foggy day, where people with long cloaks and masks mysteriously appear and disappear on the ancient Venetian alleys (calli), or maybe you will be lucky enough to experience Venice under a blanket of snow as it is today.

One of the first things for you to do once in town, is to get a costume and a mask. There are various Venetian costume-shops where you can choose from dozens of rental costumes. Not only to show off in St. Mark's square but even in local private parties. For a XVIII century Venetian dress be ready to spend around 150-200 euros for the first day and around 50-70 euros for the next one.

But if you are on a budget or interested in something still typical but more intriguing, this is what we suggest. Find yourself a white or gold 'bauta' (plain typical Venetian mask which should cost between 10-17 euros) a pair of black or white gloves and a long black cloak. Put some white make up on your face, a beauty-spot on your cheek, red lipstick (even for men) and you are done!! You will certainly be asked to pose for tourists pics. Also, do not wait for a party to get masked. On those days you are allowed to mask yourself everywhere everyday. At least this was in the past.

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