Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Getting To Pattaya In 23 Easy Steps

Here is a step-by-step tip sheet on how to get to Pattaya.

1. Save your money all year for your vacation. Not counting airfare, budget for $150 US dollars per day.

2. Apply for and get your passport. Get a visa also if you are staying long term

3. Book your flight and hotel. You can do this online or with your favorite travel agent

4. Arrange for a ride to the airport. Get a buddy to take you or find a local airport taxi service.

5. Arrange for a taxi to pick you up in Bangkok. You can get recommendations from any Pattaya forum or bargain with the taxi mafia upon arrival.

6. Get to the airport three hours ahead of your flight. You don't want to be late for your holiday and you never know how long the lines will be.

7. Check in and get your seat assignment and boarding pass. Ask nicely and you may be able to get an exit row seat.

8. Do your last minute shopping at the duty free shop. Booze, cigarettes, and perfume are tax free.

9. Get a bite to eat and hang out near your departure gate. Airline food sucks so it is better to eat before you go.

10. Surf the Internet and check email before you take off. Do whatever to kill time. Wireless access can usually be found near the first class lounges.

11. Board the plane and settle in for the long flight. Hopefully you got a decent seat.

12. Get your book, headphones, pen, snacks, gum and laptop ready. Get everything you will need before you take off so you don't have to dig through your carry-on.

13. Kill time at you layover airport with laptop and/or food. You can get another bite to eat or just walk around and stretch your legs. Hopefully the layover isn't too long.

14. Board the final leg of your flight. Try to control your adrenaline and relax. You are almost there.

15. Get in a short nap. You want to be refreshed when you arrive. You will be struggling to adjust your body clock and will be fighting jet lag.

16. Land and deplane. Go to the bathroom before the plane lands. Once the door opens, do everything in your power to get out of the plane. Make a beeline to immigration.

17. Go directly to Immigration and get your passport stamped. Find the shortest line and have your passport and boarding pass stub ready.

18. Find your carousel and grab your luggage. Check the sign right after Immigration and get your bags.

19. Meet your driver. Fight the gauntlet and look for a sign with your name on it. If you haven't booked in advance, the clipboard toting, taxi mafia will find you.

20. Sit back and pray you make it from Bangkok to Pattaya in one piece. Prepare yourself for controlled chaos on the roads and pray to Buddha that you arrive alive.

21. Arrive at your hotel and check in. Have your passport ready and fill out the little form and you are there.

22. Shower, change clothes and hit the streets. You can unpack later. It is time to go out and have some fun.

23. You are now in the Pattaya paradise. Enjoy yourself, be safe, and have a great holiday.