Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Good Things To Know About Dubai

If you want to have a superb holiday, Dubai is the place to go. Dubai it's a luxurious destination that blend the traditional with modern with so much success.

If you plan to go to Dubai, the best time to be there is during the cooler time of the year. Would be best to go between Octomber and May, the average temperature will be 24C. If you will miss this period, it will probably be very hot outside. But, since everywhere is air-conditioned, you will have no problem inside.

You can get to Dubai by plane easily, at least 80 airlines land everyday at the Dubai International Airport.

When going from place to place in Dubai, the most convenient way is by taxi. Also, almost all hotels can arrange a taxi for you. You can always also rent a car, you just need to have a valid passport, driver license and to be over 21 years of age. Renting a car is not high priced and they will offer you a big variety of options.

You can also take part to camel racing in Dubai. It is a popular traditional sport in the Emirates. It's free to the public and they have customized racetracks for this. They also have a camel racing federation.

One of the best activities in Dubai is the "dunes dinner". You will drive your 4-wheeled drive land cruiser (they will give it to you) in the desert to the east of Dubai. You can even ride camels or stay in an Arabian tent under the stars. The average cost per person for these tours is $75, you can arrange these with the various operators in Dubai.

All these things will take part in making your holiday in Dubai fantastic. Have fun.