Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Holidaying In New Zealand

New Zealand's wild, elemental beauty made it the perfect locale for filming Lord of the Rings. For this is a raw land of sheer mountains, icy glaciers, swift flowing rivers and geysers that spout from the hot earth.

Auckland:city of sails

New Zealand's largest city, Auckland sprawls scenically around a range of inlets and bays. Lapped by the waters of the Pacific, Auckland has a distinct seafaring air to it.

transport:getting there and getting around

Auckland is New Zealand's centre for international flights. You can take direct flights from here to all Australian airports, the US west coast, many Asian destinations, and London and Frankfurt. There are also a wide range of domestic flights.

Regular bus services connect Auckland with major towns and tourist attractions. And there are morning and overnight trains to Wellington daily.

Auckland is a sprawling city so walking is not convenient. Car hire or cycling are the most convenient ways to get around.


Auckland's coastal location keep temperatures lower than the in the hinterlands.