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Isola D Elba Beach Holidays Sheer Heaven For Nature Lovers

Elba, the largest isle of the Tuscan Archipelago, is the land of warm clement weather, broad-spectrum seas, panoramic beaches, lush green countryside and in all, the land of natural reservoir. Located in the middle of Tuscan Archipelago Marine Park, Elba can be reached by just an hour ferry ride from Piombino. The land of beautiful marine life and dramatic drop-offs on the sea bed magnetizes visitors from all around the globe. This shimmering island is a home to innumerable exotic flora and fauna, the zingy coastline is alienated into beaches and rocks, the Mediterranean vegetation of macchia and the stillness of ancient countryside creates a highly poetic and romantic atmosphere.

The third largest island in the Italy, Elba also boasts off the small fortress towns that are ideal for ambling around the city and a great alternative to a day off at a beach. The archeological treasures and the mining museum flash the archaic history of the places in and around this islet. And the widely spread chestnut woods makes the area plush and vibrant and ideal for lazing around.

With an area of 200 sq km and a coastline of 147 km, the island of Isola d'Elba embraces more than 70 beaches. Each of the beaches is unique in itself and splendid with the grandeur sea water. The long undulating beaches of golden sands and the shimmering sea shore with the tiny stones; the equally magnetizing coastlines of black sand and the coast of white pebbles; the shoreline of the Elba Island has a panoramic insight. The cliff bases of smooth granite rocks and the crystal clear water of the beach, make these beaches equal to none.

The perfect beach holiday resort, Elba also facilitates escapades like water sports - kayaking, diving, sailing for the water lovers. One can also indulge into leisure activities like swimming or sun basking. Many of the island beaches are classified as 'free'. But there are also many privately owned establishments providing facilities like changing rooms, sun lounges, beach umbrellas and a range of equipments for water sport activities.

If you are the kind of person who likes to laze around in the water, then there are some shallow water beaches, where the depth remains for up to 30-40 meters. To name a few La Biodola, Marina di Campo, Lacona and Procchio falls on this category. And the depth of the rest of the beaches is increased rather rapidly. Just follow the advice and regulation for safety.

Other added thrills in the Isola d'Elba beach holidays are exploring another set of exciting activities. There are plenty of camping sites around this islet, where you can experience the camp night outs with all fun and frolic. Or just indulge yourself into trekking, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding and riding. Or unwind yourself in this serene environment while playing Golf with your loved ones.

The place of Isola d'Elba has something for every traveler. Either you can spoil yourself with the wildest of activities or you can pamper yourself amidst the luxuriant surroundings.

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