Ladies Head To Cracow

Say you consider important for your trip some factors as fun, safety, adventure and budget, Well, bearing in mind all this, and considering you are based in Europe, maybe our suggestion to go to visit Cracow (Poland) would probably sound not too obvious and a good hint in the end.

Cracow is not just an alternative destination as it's not too much touristy yet, but it's also a buzzling city of the Old fascinatine Eastern Europe.. with a lot to offer to young people! There is a quite interesting list of things to do, see and live while you're there.

Start considering the last but not the least of your (everybody's) concerns (money). You will be happy to know that accommodation won't suck all your pocket up in a night! The cutest and cheapest youth hostels of the Eastern Europe are there, in Krakow and will offer you the warmest hospitality! Check for example the Lemon hostel, the Old Walls youth hostel, the Bling Bling Hostel, the AQQ hostel, the Free hostel, the Secret Garden, the Moon hostel. They all offer clean, colourful and comfy rooms at very budget prices starting from 7 euros per person per night with breakfast! For ladies won't be better.. so that you can spend all the rest in shopping and clubbing, right?

Well the good news is that if you are around in February 2008, you won't spend a penny either for clubbing!

There are a few so called Ladies' nights on Monday the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th at the Music Bar 9 in Szewska Street, n.9. You are invited to leave any man you might have around at home, grab your purse and head out to Music Bar Underground. The party starts at 9 pm, but there's a pre-party already at 6. Entrance is free! Once there, have your Cosmopolitan and enjoy the music played by three DJ's Oklay, Krzyvy and Luki Pi. From soul,hip hop, randb, dancehall..everybody's taste is served! Special drink promotions as well. For your ladies trip, don't miss the photo exhibition of Karolina Bregula, a talented photographer who developed her skills working and studying photography in Sweden. The title "Lovebook" is a story about misunderstandings, emptiness, loneliness, longing and despair. The aim is to allow all women to identify with the feeling of sadness. The technique used is also interesting: photographs taken with a small phone camera have been stretched to a larger size which gives the effect of intensive washing out. In this way the photos have an unreal and magic feel to as some sort of pictures from a dream. Exhibition opens on 9th February and closes on 1st of March at Pauza Gallery, in Florianska Street, 18/5.

On 19th February famous British rock band The Cure will perform two concerts in Poland, including one in Spodek in Katowice. Al. W. Korfantego 35Always in February don't forget the Valentine's Night Out at Music Bar 9 (9 Szewska Street) for a 21st century style Valentine's Day.

Always on a pink note, another interesting exhibition aiming to explore aspects of femininity in today's world is Transformations hosted at the Bunkier Sztuki, Plac Szczepanski 3a from 7th until 25th March. Acclaimed artist Malgorzata Markiewicz makes her debut at Cracow's leading gallery of contemporary art. Closed on Mondays.

Secondly, don't forget that March 8th is the Ladies Day Party and the place to be is the Art Club Bledne Kolo, ul. Bracka 4 (first floor). DJs Ex-Or and Lucjan spin for the ladies at hip Old Town hangout. The following month, April, the Tolerance Festival - Festival of Gay and Lesbian Culture - is a review of various creative activity which has been brought to life by, for, or about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people. It features several days of film screenings, discussions, and meetings, all cumulating in a march through the city in support of tolerance for all.

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