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Luggage For Motor Cycles

When I think of motorcycles, it is extremely hard to picture them being able to carry both rider and luggage. Yet there is luggage available specifically geared for motorcycles. There are several types of cycle luggage available.

Among the various types of motorcycle luggage are leather weekenders, Kuryakan Full Dresser Bags or Gran Tour Bags. There are Tbags expandable Tahoes, Universal expanding bag, and the Tbag Dekker Supreme. Tombstone makes a backrest bag that comes replete with lumbar support. Expanding bags allow you to pack more stuff in a smaller space.

Some motor cycle luggage can be universally mounted somewhere on the bike. Others are created for specific models of motorcycles. Some bikes have space under the seat for small travel bags. Others have compartments that are on either side of the bike above the rear wheel for luggage and other gear.

Most motorcycle luggage have convenient front openings for easy access. Other bags have security locks. Still others have multiple uses such as bags that mount behind the rider and double as lumbar supports. This provides a comfortable ride. This type of luggage is mostly used for short road trips. It comes in leather as well as typical fabric used for luggage.

You can do an online search for motorcycle luggage and come up with many sources for purchasing this luggage. You can check out specialty stores for motorcycle luggage as well. The type you choose will depend on your needs and on your budget.

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