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Make A List And Check It Twice

Most folks know to make a checklist before they travel. Then, as they fill up their suitcase, they can just tick off the items they pack.

I take it a couple of steps further. I make separate lists for my checked baggage and my carry on backpack. Call me anal, but this really helps me bring everything that I intended to bring.

Being a frequent traveler, I just make up my list using a spreadsheet, print it out, make small modifications from trip to trip, and save it to my computer.

I also make a few lists that I bring with me to Thailand and use while I am there.

The first list I use is my "upon arrival" shopping list. This list includes items that I will immediately purchase when I arrive in Bangkok. It contains things like bottled water, phone card to recharge my SIM, and any toiletries that I will need. It used to include a cigarette lighter, but security has lightened up and I can now carry one on my person.

The next list that I use is my initial shopping trip list. I use this list when I arrive at my destination city. Bangkok is just a one-night stop over. This has my beverages, snacks, additional toiletries, and any other amenities that I will be using. I always have the bellboy clear out the refrigerator/mini-bar so that I can stock it with what I want at a much cheaper price.

One list that I use throughout the trip is my souvenir list. This has items that I want to buy for myself, family and friends. It may even include requests from co-workers. I try to get this list completed as soon as I can since I don't like to do last minute shopping.

When it is time to return home, I sort of use my initial packing list, along with my souvenir list to make sure that I have everything. I really want to ensure that I have all of my electronics and all of the cables, wires, and plugs.

I charge all of my electronics before I pack them so that I will be able to use them on board the plane or in the terminals. I also charge any spare batteries that I have.

Making packing, shopping, upon arrival and souvenir lists really helps me get to my destination without leaving items at home. Try making these few checklists and see if it helps your travel go a bit smoother. You should find that traveling overseas isn't as painful as you first thought it would be.

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