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Maui Helicopter Tours Provide An Incomparable View Of The Hidden Interior

Lying along the western quarter of Maui a hidden treasure resides, the West Maui Mountains. Among locals the mountains are known as Mauna Kahalawai. Together the mountains form a shield volcano, so named for the undeniable shape of its profile. All along Maui one will find numerous dormant volcanoes combined with lava flows; however, the West Maui Mountains, or Mauna Kahalawai, features a wild beauty that can seldom be seen elsewhere.

Unfortunately, many visitors to Maui remain unaware of this priceless gem due to inaccessibility. In truth, as much as 75% of Maui's land area is isolated and even inaccessible as the result of some rather rough terrain and rainforests. Few trails and no roads lead into the interior landscape of Maui, leaving it virtually cut off from the remainder of the island.

That doesn't mean; however, there is now way to take advantage of the many spectacular attributes to be found here, including fantastic hiking, glorious beaches, lush valleys and even a few towns scattered throughout the interior. In order to view the wild beauty of the hidden interior one must only take advantage of the Maui helicopter tours.

Maui helicopter tours go where cars and even ATVs can only dream, providing access to the most spectacular and extreme terrains of the hidden interior. Beyond providing accessibility to the incredible beauty of the hidden interiors, Maui helicopter tours also provide a level of personal service that simply cannot be found in many other tour operations. Most other tour bus operators provide a view of the most common tourist attractions, unable to touch on any of the beauty of the islands that is simply inaccessible except by helicopter. With the highly personalized tour experience provided by Maui helicopter tours, visitors frequently comment they never feel as though they are lost in the crowd, a feeling frequently experienced by travelers on many tour experiences, but instead are treated to a highly unique and personalized helicopter limousine service.

Just a few of the features offered through Maui helicopter tours that you simply won't find elsewhere include views of the wild and remote rainforest, hidden valleys, cascading waterfalls, exotic landscapes and so much more. After a Maui helicopter tour, you will take away memories of your vacation that will truly stay with you forever.

Flying above rainbows and blankets of gossamer clouds, a tour of the hidden interior of Maui will provide you with a true understanding of the depth of Hawaii's beauty, much of it millions of years in the making. Maui, like the entirety of the Hawaiian Islands was formed over a long period of time by spirals of lava that rose up high above the interior of the earth. Trails of volcanoes were left in the wake, creating an unparalleled beauty.

Unfortunately, due to problems with erosion some of the wildly beautiful and exquisite sites located in the hidden interior will not always be with us. Haleakala is one of these examples. This summit rises sharply on the west side of the island, towering above a massive depression crater measuring some seven miles across and two miles wide. This natural feature allows the sun to only be seen as it rises up over the eastern side, giving meaning to the mountain's Hawaiian name, house of the sun. According to traditional Hawaiian folklore, a Polynesian demigod named Maui and his grandmother lived in the crater and captured the sun in order that it would not travel so quickly across the sky. Through this they were able to draw out the day. Haleakala remains one of the most unique beauties to be found in the hidden interior of Hawaii.

In it's entirely the beautiful hidden interior of Maui is without equal. Mist shrouded mountain peaks rise above magnificent valleys situated in rainforests that will both awe and inspire. Due to changes in the weather and wind that occur frequently, every single tour is likely to be unique and completely different from preceding tours. With waterfalls cascading from towering overhangs into gushing brooks below, many visitors are often surprised by the spectacular rainbows that are often an exquisite part of hidden interior adventure tours.

To add even more drama to your visit to the hidden interiors be sure to schedule your tour at sunrise or sunset. There is truly no other sight in the world quite like watching the sun rise from atop the West Maui Mountains. Layers of unbroken clouds slide past as the sun slowly rises to its ascent in the sky, leaving visitors with a slightly other-world feel they won't soon forget.

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