New Attractions In Orlando

If you're looking for a entertainment filled trip, then there's no need to look any further than Orlando. Even if you've been to Orlando before, the amount of new new entertainment that have opened in the area in the last year is unbelievable.

Universal Studios have opened what will undoubtedly be one of the main attractions at any of the parks with the introduction of The Simpsons ride. Replacing the old Back to the Future attraction, you get chance to visit Krustyland with the worlds most famous family. Universal Studios also announced the opening of a innovative rollercoaster snappily called Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit to open in 2009.

Also due to open in 2009 is a tie up between J K Rowling and Islands of Adventure with an area of the theme park to be dedicated to Hogwarts, that is also set to open in 2009.

The other major additions has involved another Orlando favorite, Seaworld Orlando. Intent on becoming one of the top entertainment centers in Orlando, Seaworld Orlando have added a waterpark to the Seaworld and Discovery Cove parks in the area. Known as Seaworld Aquatica, Seaworld have added interaction between the animals in the park and the rides. Seaworld have recently announced they will be adding a new rollercoaster called Manta to the original park, that will open in 2009.

So if you have haven't been to Orlando for two or three years, you'll be pleasantly suprised at what rides and shows have been added to the Orlando parks and what we can look forward to in the next year.

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