New York In May

Well, although a famous song celebrates the Autumn weather in NY, with its colourful foliage and bright light, nevertheless, it may be a little further ahead.

Let's say springtime is your chosen period Nothing better mate!!

The energy and the atmosphere you will breath have really little to compare to other places NYC will surprise you for the strong wind coming from north or from the Ocean and channelled along its avenues. A relief for pollution. In fact, you won't really feel pollution and traffic smog, for these reasons.

Not to mention Central Park, the green lungs of the city where you can stroll along its leafy boulevards, paddle in ponds, jogging or skating around or even taking a horse-ride lesson In terms of healthy and sporty activities, you would be happy to know that the city of New York has a major event to feature in May. On the first week and precisely on May 4th, be ready with your own or rented bike for the BIKE NEW YORK event that takes place every year for an annual marathon. It is the largest mass cycling event in the USA organized with the aim to promote and encourage bicycling and bicycle safety. The tour route runs for 42miles, through the five boroughs of New York City and crosses over major bridges and under several others, including the famous Brooklyn Bridge !

It's a perfect occasion to take great pictures of the city itself invaded by bikers of any kind. And, of course, expect to see any kind of extravagant means of transportation on 2 wheels! It takes off from Battery Parking and travels through Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Before returning to Manhattan, it crosses the Verrazano Bridge, the word's longest suspension bridge, so long that the curvature of the earth surface had to be a factor into its design.

For sure The Bike New York is the unique occasion to ride through it, because normally it isn't allowed to cyclists. From 1977 the BIKE NEW YORK has grown every year and today it brings together more than 30.000 riders enjoying the cycling and the New York's car-free streets.

The Tour is closed by a tour-ending festival with live music, entertainment, food and exhibitions. There is a website which will provide you with all information you might need.

They say in New York you will spend a fortune. I say it's not completely true! It depends of course on what you desire and won't you can't miss but if a breakfast at Tiffany's windows can make your trip, you'll see it's not that expensive.

First, don't miss Starbucks, ( you won't as they are everywhere) where a good breakfast or a break will cost you 3-5 dollars. And secondly, for a stuffing break at lunch you can either decide to enter a supermarket and make yourself a couple of sandwiches or try an Asian ( Thai preferably) deli. You won't believe how tasty and still genuine can be a soup, rise with salted veggies, boiled eggs with chicken nuggets! Please avoid Mc's and Co. if you care about your health! With around 6-10 dollars you will be very satisfied!

In terms of accommodation, there are some options you can consider. Let's say you hostels are the cheapest lodging you can find and there are a bunch in NYC. For a taste of Brooklyn, a lively and characteristic neighbourhood recently revitalized by artists, international students, art galleries and libraries, just passed the bridge, we recommend the Lafayette Youth hostel just 1/2 block from the subway station which takes you directly into Manhattan! They offer clean and comfy dorms and private accommodation. They also offer the opportunity to stay for long and have cheap monthly rates. In Manhattan, there are a few hostels offering quite reasonable prices for a private double and with fantastic location on the West upper Side, behind the Central Park. Try the West Side Inn, The West End Studios, the Columbus Studios, or the Continental Hostel.

And once booked, enjoy this fantastic Metropolis. Final tip: do not take with you too much stuff..

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