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Overseas Security Measures For Your Home And Family

Identify the best housing available. An apartment house offers the benefit of close neighbors but also offers semi-public access to the lobby and service areas, which is a disadvantage. If a separate dwelling is selected, attempt to locate one with high walls around it.

Make your residence as burglar proof as possible by installing a burglar alarm system and using exterior lighting or even an exterior floodlight system activated by intrusion-detection devices. Other safe-guards include deadbolt locks on doors, key locks, iron grilles or heavy screens for ground-floor windows, and care in securing both upper story windows accessible by trees, low roofs, balconies, etc., and unusual doors such as sliding glass, French, etc.

Members of the household should be instructed not to admit strangers without proper identification. A peephole or small window aperture in a door where visitors can be observed prior to entry is recommended. Never leave the garage door unlocked.

Consider having a watchdog inside or outside your house, or both.

Give careful consideration to a request to be photographed or interviewed in your home. Be selective in what you permit to be photographed and what you say in any interview.

If local police protection is available and protection appears needed, request a patrol through your neighborhood as frequently as possible. Where police patrols are infrequent or nonexistent, employ a private security patrol, perhaps in cooperation with neighbors.

Arrange for your children to be escorted to and from school. Instruct school authorities that under no circumstances are they to be picked up by persons other than family members or specifically authorized people.

Do not permit unaccompanied children to use taxis and public transportation.

Have a security or background check of all household help.

Do not discuss sensitive information, such as detailed travel plans for business dealings, within the hearing of servants. Instruct servants and members of the household about their security responsibilities. Emphasize that they are to admit no one without positive identification, to refuse information to strangers inquiring about your activities or whereabouts, and to accept no packages or other items unless they are certain of the source.

Maintain a current list of emergency telephone numbers, and ensure that it is easily available at all times.

Recognize that your telephone will possibly be tapped. Be most discreet on the telephone in discussing information concerning travel.

Do not hand out business or home telephone numbers indiscriminately.

Be alert to persons disguised as public utility crew members, road repair workers, etc., who might station themselves near your house to observe your activities. (In one case, a kidnaper disguised as a fruit peddler set up a fruit stand near the victim's house.) Report such incidents to the police for investigation.

Locate a neighbor's or public telephone near your home and advise your household workers and family of its location for emergency use. Maintain friendly relationships with your neighbors.

Avoid crowds and civil disturbances. Stay away from areas in which you have no business.

Do not become involved in disputes with local citizens. If others initiate troublesome incidents, leave the scene as quickly as possible and report the matter to the appropriate authorities.

At an appropriate time, discuss with your family what you want them to do in case you are kidnapped. Have your family affairs (i.e., insurance policies, vital documents, etc.) in order. Keep your passports, visas, medical and shot records current and in a secure place.

Make all necessary emergency financial arrangements for dependents and designate an individual or office to contact in the event these plans must be implemented.

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