Friday, April 23, 2021

Rome Don T Miss A Dinner

The thing is: how to avoid touristy places where a pizza will cost you a fortune? How to escape tourist traps? The good new is that I have some good tips from my uncle Gianni who lives in Rome. When I asked him about the gorgeous still very simple and characteristic places where he usually takes me out for dinner, he came up with a list of names and numbers. I simply pass them out for you!

While downtown Rome, to be precise in beautiful Campo de Fiori where young people meet every night for a drink, just behind Piazza Navona, there is Paola al Pallaro. Paola is either the cook and the owner: everyday she cooks her typical roman dishes with a variety of fresh food. You don't have to bother reading an incomprehensible menu in Italian: there's no. The menu is fixed: you simply eat what her fantasy has prepared for you on that day. Also the price is fixed but don't worry it's budget.