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Side is well-known for its classical sites in Turkey. Side in Turkey is an old harbor that signifies pomegranate. Side is a rendezvous on the southern coast of Turkey. This is beside the Manavgat and Selimiye villages. 75 km apart form this is the Antalya. Lots of small villages and semi-towns adorns the beauty if Side in Turkey.

It was in the seventeenth century that ancient settlers from Cyme in Aeolis did encounter this city. Side in Turkey possesses small-craft boats. Side's natural geography made it the most stunning place in Pamphylia.

Side is evidently positioned on a peninsula and adorned by two stretches of golden beach. The chanting resort town of Side is a hodgepodge of old and new. Side in Turkey is availed with far-reaching range of tourist accommodation. There are enormous shops, late-night bars and hotels assorted among the ruins of the ancient city. This multifarious beauty of the ancient monuments and modernism makes it outstandingly beautiful.

An old theatre is situated between the Side of Turkey. There are also enhancing views of the sea that can be viewed in front of this theater. The remnants of the Roman Baths houses including beauteous collection of artifacts are eye-catching and often rushed with large crowds.

Engrossed streets that lead down to the sea are stringed with relic shops selling particular Turkish handicrafts like carpets, jewelry and leather goods. People began recognizing Side in Turkey due to the region from the Mediterranean to Mount Taurus.

Tourists who have once been into this city will definitely will wish to come again for another cherishing holiday. Though Side is an old city of Turkey it is one of the most important place where tourists flow day by day. People residing in Side eagerly wish for a clean city. This is why many tend to buy property in this city.

The captivating and clean beaches with water sports and golf clubs are only some of the entertaining themes here. The beauty of the nature can be inexplicably enjoyed with waterfalls on the Mount Taurus and the forests. Side becomes valuable due to its historical monuments and the remaining and ruins that symbols a certain old heritage.

Vivacious clubs with lively music along with sports clubs makes the people feel that they are not far form home. Later, when getting tired the nature welcomes to see various waterfalls and greenery. The Apollo Temple built during the Roman Civilization is situated in the front of the sea esteeming the historical trade point harbor.

On the east of the Side of Turkey happens to be a gorgeous pine forests the arrests the onlookers who pass by. On the northeast of the Side appears to be the reminiscent of the Roman Baths, old sculpted temples, and amphitheater. Transportation is available in this part of the city. Side of Turkey becomes a symbol of beauty and hospitality together for such reasons. The nigh of the monuments can be enjoyed by hiring a car so that one can travel around the city on ease.

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