Thursday, April 22, 2021

Taba Holidays In Egypt

Taba is a small Egyptian village situated at the northern most part of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera. Taba is basically a transit point for travelers from Israel to destinations in Egypt. Taba Heights is a well-planned holiday resort located twenty km south of Taba where the Sinai mountain range provides a spectacular backdrop to the sparkling blue waters of the Red Sea.

The area enjoys year-round sunshine; temperatures range 65˚F to 105˚F in summer and 55˚F to 77˚F in winter. You can enjoy a walk on the un-spoilt golden sandy beaches or relax in sunshades and enjoy your beer any time of the year.

There are enough outdoor activities to indulge in such as water-sports, Scuba diving and surfing virtually throughout the year. With varied marine life and coral beds here snorkeling is popular. You can view a variety of colorful fish, dolphins, turtles and barracudas. A glass-bottom excursion is available for those who want to see the fish, but can't swim. You can explore the Sinai Desert on quad bikes, jeeps, or on horseback; go camel riding.

Taba Heights serves as a hub for various local excursions. You will enjoy a visit to the 6th century famous Monastery of St. Catherine; it was built under the Roman Emperor Justinian over what was known as the place of Moses' Burning Bush. You can go up Mount Sinai or Mountain of Moses on camel caravans, or take the hard way of climbing up the 3000 steps carved into the rock by monks.

The amazing Colored Canyon, 70 km southwest of Taba, is accessible by car and is ideal for a hiking expedition. It is a maze of sandstone rocks mineralized and stained in a variety of ways by water over thousands of years. There are narrow, twisting paths formed into the rocks, surrounded by spectacular 60 meter cliffs with narrow slots, beautiful sculptured walls and cliffs made of sandstone; they have amazing layers of colors such as pink, purple, silver and gold.

Just 5 km southeast of Taba, the Rocky island of Pharaoh (Geziret Faraum) and Salah El Din Citadel depicts ruins of a 12thcentury crusaders' fort. You can dive in a maze of reefs and also enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the coast of Arabia, Jordan and Israel from here.

Animal enthusiast will enjoy visits to the National Park of Nabq and National Park of Ras Abu Galum which shelters an abundance of animal life.

Restaurants at Taba Heights offer international cuisines. Hotels offer live entertainment in the evening. Though shopping is limited to hotels.

Taba Heights has a large chain of international hotels. The Hyatt Regency, designed in the style of a modern Nubian village, provides high quality accommodation and is quite popular. It is nestled between the mountains of Sinai, the desert and the Red Sea and provides breathtaking views. It has a 450m stretch of secluded private beach and it offers its guests a jetty and direct access to the Red Sea coupled with a welcoming service.

Facilities include Airport and border transfer, Bank, Multilingual staff, Safes, In-resort transport, Car/Limousine rental, 24-hours Doctor-on-call, Diving and water-sports centre, Games Centre, three swimming pools, a huge saltwater lagoon, Club Olympus and Health Spa, Oasis Kids' Club, a shopping arcade and casino. It provides international cuisine and you can experience a traditional Bedouin evening with delicious Bedouin feast and folk entertainment.