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The Walsall Leather Museum And The Tradition That Made It Famous

Walsall is a huge industrial town located in the West Midlands of England. It is exceptionally popular because the saddles and leather products that the townspeople make are simply the worlds finest.

As a matter of fact, the town of Walsall is renowned as the British leather goods capital. It has ninety companies, three of which are Royal Warrant holders. These leather companies are continuously producing an amazing variety of high quality riding equipment and gift items like belts, purses, and handbags. These very fine leather goods are exported to nearly all parts of the globe.

The leather industry of Walsall had recently suffered from the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak. But despite of this, the industry is striving even harder and continues to thrive for their worldwide reputation as first class and fine quality leather goods producer.

It is known that Queen Elizabeth II adores the leather handbags produced from Walsall. Also, the Royal Household regularly places orders for saddles and other riding equipment from Royal Warrant Holders like the Jabez Cliff and Co., which was founded in 1873.

Really, the Walsall people have been making fine quality leather goods for about two hundred years. Hence today, a museum was built to celebrate this tradition. The Walsall Leather Museum is actually housed in a restored factory of leather. It is located on A4148 Littleton Street and is only a short walking distance from local train and bus stations.

You will be able to witness the story of leather unfolding right in front of your eyes as the museum displays Walsall leather trade and splendid examples of well-crafted leather goods, including the saddles and other riding equipment especially made for the Royal Family. It also features leather products with exhilarating contemporary designs.

The museum further endeavors to demonstrate to the people the tradition of leather goods making as it features actual craftsmen as living examples of the production and tanning of leather. These skillful craftsmen make different leather goods, such as purses and wallets, while you watch them as they work.

This fascinating and functional museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am up to 5 in the afternoon. It requires no admission fee so basically, anyone is free to come and enjoy its different attractions and facilities, which includes a Saddle Room coffee shop among others. With its activities and facilities, the Walsall Leather Museum will surely impress you as you discover how Walsall became the capital of leather goods in Britain.

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