Tips To Glide Through Customs

When you enter a foreign country, you will have to go through Passport/Immigration and Customs. Here you will have your passport stamped to gain entry to the country. You will also have to go through customs and possibly have your luggage inspected.

This will depend on what you declare on your arrival form. This is the one that you fill out in the airplane. It will also depend on how you look.

You may think that I am talking about profiling whether it be racial profiling or otherwise, but what I am talking about is how you appear to the security inspectors.

I always dress half-way decent when I travel. I do not wear a suit and tie but at the same time I don't wear cut-off shorts, sandals and a ripped shirt. I dress in-between.

I usually wear a pair of jeans, collar shirt, and loafers. Loafers make it a little easier to get through security at the departing airport and the jeans and polo type shirt are comfortable. I recommend you wear comfortable and presentable clothes.

If you look like a shabby bum the chances are higher that you will be inspected.

It is also recommended that you don't wear anything that will bring attention to yourself. Don't wear a shirt that promotes drugs, is vulgar, or is extremely patriotic. Dress down a bit and be comfortable.

There are a couple of other things that you can do to be a bit more presentable to the security personnel.

About one-half hour before your plane is scheduled to land, stop off in the bathroom and freshen up. Use either your own toiletries or the free ones in the bathroom. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and splash some water in your face. Long flights can leave you looking a bit haggard.

You may want to check your appearance in the mirror and see if your need to tuck in your shirt, straighten up and try to flatten a few wrinkles, or just clean the sleeping gunk out of your eyes.

I know it can be a pain to carry toiletries on the plane with all the new security requirements, but you are allowed to bring small items of liquids as long as they are displayed properly in a large zip-lock bag. Check with the TSA web site for the latest rules.

If you are dressed neatly, and look refreshed, you should be able to waltz right through Customs and Immigration.

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