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Walking Street Is Absolutely Insane

Walking Street, in Pattaya, Thailand, is sometimes referred to as the Golden Mile. It is a street of bars, restaurants, hookers, transvestites, and drunken tourists.

Busloads of Asian tourists take pictures but rarely frequent the bars. That is, unless, they go in groups for some kind of show. They will sit with jaws agape at the parade of girls in front of them.

Single, male tourists from every corner of the earth will walk, crawl, or stagger down the street, either alone, with friends, or with a companion for the night.

With neon lights, loud music, and cute "Hello girls" vying for your attention, it is difficult to decide where to go.

You will have to decide on whether to eat or drink - or both. Your decision will lead you to either a 4-star seafood restaurant or a noodle stand on a side alley.

You could wind up in a beer bar, go-go bar, a disco, or a hostess bar. Your senses will be on maximum overdrive with the sounds, sights, and smells of Walking Streets.

Tourists of every nationality will pass by. You will hear languages from the four corners of the earth.

You won't know what to do. Eat, drink, or get a massage?

Your eardrums will be split with the sounds of rap, rock, Thai, hip-hop, or just plain noise.

You will trip over your tongue looking at all the ladies walking around in various states of undress.

You will fight off the flower sellers, cigarette peddlers, and touts trying to get you to see a "light show".

You will look up as you walk to see a bikini-clad Russian girl in a glass box writhing to unheard music.

You will wend your way down side streets, weaving in and out of carts of insects, chicken on a stick, and fried rice and noodles.

Balloons may decorate the outside of a bar indicating that a party is going on inside or it may be the grand opening or re-naming of a go-go.

Walking Street is one of a kind. Once experienced, you will never be able to describe it. I have tried, but it is like trying to explain Las Vegas to someone who has never been.

All I can say is that you will have a great time, eat some unique and delicious food, see some delightful "eye candy", and most likely get a bit inebriated. You will have to experience it for yourself to fully understand.

And then you will see why most guys get addicted to Pattaya.

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