Best Car Rental in Indonesia

To get the best car rental in Indonesia during your first visit can be tough a little. It’s not about the availability issue. Instead, there are too many choices on car rental there and it makes the complication especially for foreigners. To get the best choice, you should try to apply the following tips. 

Check Their Reputation 

While trying to get the best car rental in Indonesia, you must prioritize their reputation. You need a car rental that never has bad behavior record toward customers like fraud or other criminal action. You also need them to be well known for their customer oriented service. Reputable service commonly comes from recommendation. You can ask a friend or colleagues for it. 

Choose Immediate Availability 

If you need the car immediately after you get there, you should consider immediate availability. Several car rentals are busy with customers. Sometimes, these rentals can’t provide you with a car immediately. If it is okay for you to wait a couple of days, this shouldn’t be anything to worry about. To prevent problems, you can make early booking for your car. 

Pick One with Reasonable Price 

Being foreigners sometimes also means local people charge you more. You shouldn’t tolerate this. You need the same rate. Best car rental in Indonesia should never charge more for foreigners. They have standard price and you deserve it. For long term rent, you should ask them for discounts or special package on special rate. You can save some money from there. 

Choose Your Own Car 

You need to prefer on rentals that give your freedom to choose your own car. Why? This is how you accommodate your need. If you are on business leave with spouse and children, you should choose a car that can carry the whole family. In contrary, you should be able to choose smaller car when you are travelling alone. 

Leave Them with Maintenance and Service 

As you are not local, you may have problems to have the car for maintenance and service. You should consider choosing a rental that provides service to handle the maintenance and service. Yes, you may not be able to drive the car for a while, just hours possibly, but this should prevent you from extra expense and more troubles. 

Don’t Choose One in the Airport 

Never rent a car from rental in the airport. They commonly have great reputation, wide choice of cars, and friendly terms and policies, but they are wildly expensive. You don’t want to waste your money for those cars. Get to the middle of the town and browse your choice there. 

Prepare Your ID 

Good rental car always makes sure they are renting a car to someone they can trust, someone who will not steal or damage the car. In order to do so, they will need your ID. It is best to choose such rental because they commonly can help you with security option as well. Don’t forget to have a copy of your ID and International Driving License. 

Ask for Distance Allowance 

You should ask the distance your rental allows you. Several car rentals don’t allow customer to drive the car out of town. If you need to drive out of town, you should ask them if they have solutions. Good car rental commonly have answers for this like special permission or private driver to accompany you. 

Choose One with Excellent Customer Service 

You are new on the area and you will need a lot of help. It is wise to choose a car rental with 24/7 customer service online. It allows you to contact them when you have problems with the car or if you are lost somehow. 

Choose Reasonable Terms and Policies 

Of course, car rental will apply certain terms and policies, but they don’t have to be so weird. If a car rental ask you to leave your authentic ID, not the copy, charge every additional service in surprising rate, forbid you to do certain things, or apply uncomfortable policies, you should forget it. Best car rental in Indonesia apply reasonable terms and policies. 

In sum, choosing can be a little difficult but it takes only some effort to find the right one. It is always wise to choose in advance so you get your own car once you get there. Adjust your need and make prioroty to get the best car rental in Indonesia.

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